Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dermatology Symposium

Hi !! Guess the picture on top ! If you can't or can, pls attend this symposium :)

Department of Dermatology, Penang General Hospital will organise Penang Dermatology Symposium at Auditorium, Ambulatory Care Center (ACC) Penang General Hospital on 8th – 9th May 2010 (Saturday-Sunday).

The symposium is organised in collaboration with PGMES, Hospital Pulau Pinang, Dermatological Society of Malaysia (PDM) and Faculty of Dermatology, Academy of Medicine, Malaysia

Penang Dermatology Symposium is specially dedicated to doctors with special interest in Dermatology. This symposium is opened to all doctors (both government & private).

The aims for this event are to provide a regular continuous medical education (CME) programme in dermatology for practicing practitioners and to provide an update of various topics in dermatology.

Please help us to spread the news to all doctors in your practising hospital and your friends.

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