Tuesday, August 13, 2019

ECG Quiz

It looks like me, sounds like me but it is not me

This 70 years old gentleman presented to A&E for Upper Respiratory Tract Infection symptoms. Denied palpitation.

Temperature 37.5
Vitals stable


1. Kindly interpret the ECG shown above.
2. Management


Qiyi said...

Is it torsades de pointes?

CWS said...

Is it common that in the event of TdP the patient is asymptomatic and Vitals stable

Anonymous said...

Appears like Torsa De Pointes.

CWS said...

If you pay attention to lead III and the precordial leads from V1-6 you will notice the QRS complexes are narrow. On top of clinical findings , vital signs this is an ECG of moving artefact for a patient with Parkinson who came in with tremor. The fact that you see the oscillation more in precordial leads is due to the unipolar nature of precordial leads.